This is a group for all of you misfits and rule breakers, who (want to) expect the best for yourself and the world.

This space is for you, if you really want to embrace deliberate creation (aka law of attraction) and the inherent self-determinaton and empowerment it offers, yet you also care about activism, changing social structures of power and addressing what’s wrong in society.

There doesn’t need to be a contradiction between activism and law of attraction.

  • Do you not want to leave things up to “love and light”?
  • Do you want awesomeness and self-determination in your life?
  • Wanna let go of the (self)judgement we experience in our various communites?

Please join this community for women, non-binary and trans* people. Straight or queer, all are welcome. We respect your pronouns, family and relationship concepts, and as your host I provide a space where you can be yourself and don’t need to justify who you are.

This course offers you:

  • an introduction to deliberate creation with the principles of law of attraction through self paced course materials
  • a community platform to engage with others, who care as much about social justice & environment as you do
  • our own space to engage – away from social media
  • live community & coaching calls
Join the Activism & Law of Attraction Course and Community

get insprired

set intentions

gain clarity, when you feel stuck

let go of things that hold you back

surround yourself with awesome people

self paced course

active community

live calls

About your Host:

Joy Zalzala-Soyka - Relationship & Career Coach. Queer Migrant Mom.

I am a relationship & career coach with great love and respect for misfits and rule breakers, who expect the best for themselves and the world.

I offer you tools, perspective and space to let go of habits, emotions & limiting beliefs, that no longer serve you, so that you can evolve as a whole person.

I have 8+ years of counseling and management experience in organizations focused on helping women, who have experienced sexual and domestic violence as well as organizations serving people from lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* communities.
As a law of attraction coach I offer individual coaching by phone/skype & online courses in English and German.

What is the course membership price? How do I join?

Membership on a monthly basis

25€ $30 per month

Yearly Membership course+community

210€ $250

Get access to the Activism & Law of Attraction Course and Community plattform for just 25€ a month.
If you want to commit to a whole year, join for the discounted price of only 210€.

The booking platform currently only has the option of paying in US$ – if you want to pay in Euros send me an email and I will send you an invoice in € that you can pay via bank transfer or paypal.

Click here to sign up: Activism & Law of Attraction Course and Community