Ambition & Serenity

5 week online course

Do you want

  • more time and less stress?
  • a better relationship with your colleagues?
  • to develop new perspectives?
  • the courage and competence to take on new tasks?

This course offers you

  • individual feedback and support
  • exercise materials
  • exchange with others participants
  • flexible timing

More about this course:

The course is created to guide you in your own process about you and your worklife.
You can expect, that by the end of this course you have

  • more time and energy for the things that matter to you
  • a better relationship with colleagues and/or clients
  • the skills to pursue your ambitions with serenity
  • the ability to actively improve your work atmosphere
  • clarity on your next steps

Online Course Material

This self paced course is designed for 6 weeks, dedicating around 30-45 twice a week to the course. Your lessons are a mix of text, audio and video materials. You can choose to go through it faster or take your time. The material is available when you are.

Online Community Network
You receive one year of supportive connection in our online community network, a space for you to

  • get direct support from me as your coach
  • share your breakthroughs, questions and struggles with other course participants
  • join monthly group calls

    All this is available to you for an entire year!
    Why? Because we go deep, and the things you learn in this course are meant to create lasting change. While the skills you learn in this course are easy to implement – I don’t believe in quick fixes.

    You get to take your time and practice developing your serenity. You get to explore new ways of interaction in your relationships with coworkers or customers. You might be inspired to pursue new steps in your career.
    And we are here to support you during all of it!

    The community network will encourage you to stay focused with a playful openness to new possibilites.

Mobile App for Android and iOs
Let go & evolve offers access to all course material and community network through our mobile app for Android and iOs provided by Mighty Networks. Or join on our private community web platform.

This is a self paced course, with one year of community support.

What I recommend is setting aside for a 6 week course experience is:

  • 30-45 minutes for each lesson, twice a week
  • 30 minutes per week for sharing your progress in the community network, asking questions and engaging with other participants.
  • 10-15 minutes daily for practice
  • join us on live calls once a month for 60 minutes

That said, the course is self paced and the materials are available when you are. Your course experience doesn’t end when you are “done” with the materials – we go deep and create lasting change. As your coach I am available to you for questions and support for one entire year in the community network. This is what makes this experience last and is different from other online courses you may have taken in the past.

Post your questions in the community network!
If you are struggling with something, changes are you are not alone. Sharing your questions will benefit the learning and thriving of everyone in this course.
I will personally respond to you in the network.

You can also bring your questions to our monthly calls.

If you want more in-depth personal support, I offer a 10 % discount on 3 private coaching sessions for course participants.

You are welcome to join this course whether you work in Tech or Social Services, whether you teach science at university or do body healing work, whether you are a full time artist or have just started your first job. (People in litterally all the listed situations have benefited from this course). What unites my clients is that they are passionate & ambitious, they care about themselves and others – and they are willing to take on new perspectives that let them grow.

The course does not give you pre-cut solutions, it’s your own process, that you can apply wherever you currently are job wise.

As a coach I specialize in working with women and trans*, with people from LGBTI communities – with migrants and people in multicultural relationships and work settings.

I want you to feel great about investing in yourself with this course.
The materials and support provided in this course are extremely useful.
Yet promising you certain results would really not honor each person’s individual process.
If you are reading this far, there must be something that really excites you about thriving at work, and I believe I can help you with that. So go ahead and join this 6 week course. If you notice after 2 weeks that it’s not the right thing for you at this time, you get your money back, no questions asked.

14-day money back guarantee – no questions asked

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