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I am a life coach and a multicultural, lesbian mom with great love and respect for our various queer communities. I offer coaching to lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, non-binary and intersex individuals & their loved ones worldwide.

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Whether you are looking for a coach regarding specific lgbtqia+ topics such as ∗ Coming Out ∗ Gender Identity ∗ Confidence and love in a place of discrimination.
Or you want a coach to whom you don’t need to explain much and never justify who you are, while..

  • getting a new job, that really lights you up
  • achieving your goals
  • finding a great partner

  • regaining your happy self after a break up
  • starting a family
  • finishing your projects

I am here for you, and I would be honored to coach you in your journey.

As a migrant, an activist and a lesbian mother of multilingual children I was able to make experiences that let me reflect upon topics from quite a unique perspective. I know what it means to experience violence and discrimination. I have been there. And I know what it means to have fun, to be in love, to enjoy your work, and to embrace the challenges and opportunities that we face daily. That is how I live life today. You can read more about my professional background below.

All info about my coaching, how to set up a session and price options are found under Coaching: evolve & let go

Wherever you are in your life right now, I would love to meet you! Connect with me on facebook or email me directly

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That’s my kid in the striped shirt, dancing in first row of the trans*march Berlin 2014.
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Professional background:

I have always been a professional lesbian : ) For many years I have worked in LGBTQIA+ specific NGO’s on diverse topics, including:

  • Violence in interpersonal relationships
  • Trainings for people working in the public & social service sectors, regarding diversity and lgbt needs.
  • Intersectional expierences regarding sexual orientation, race, clas, gender and disability.
  • Counseling and accountability for perpetrators of violence in lesbian and lesbian trans relationships.
  • Support for people in women’s prisons.
  • Community outreach, talking with migrant community organisations about the needs of queer migrants & addressing racism in white LGBTQIA+ communities.
  • Workshops on how to support someone who has expierenced violence and discrimination.
  • Finding a good therapist
  • Inclusion of trans* and non-binary people in spaces and services for women.
  • Rainbow families
  • Mediations with employers, clinics, polititians regarding LGBTQIA+ discrimination.

I have moderated conferences, designed programs, mediated talks, offered workshops, held speaches, and provided support in individual and group settings. My passion & expertise reflect in my coachings.

Learn more about me and my coaching here: “About”

Many of my coaching clients don’t come with lgbtqia+ specific topics. They are looking for a place where they can truly be themselves and get support without meeting a bunch of false assumptions, without being judged, without being asked about things that are not currently relevant to them.

I am here to support you, no matter what topic you bring to the session.
You will recieve the tools and support so you can let go and evolve.

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I offer coaching & trainings for business owners and coaches, who work with people from LGBTQIA+ communities. Contact me for more information.