This is a group for all of you misfits and rule breakers, who (want to) expect the best for yourself and the world.

Honestly, this is the group I wish I had 15 years ago. I really wanted to embrace deliberate creation (aka law of attraction) and the inherent self-determinaton and empowerment this offered, yet I also cared about understanding social structures, powers and addressing what’s wrong in society.

Took me a while to understand there doesn’t need to be a contradiction between activism and law of attraction.

  • Do you not want to leave things up to “love and light”?
  • Do you want awesomeness and self-determination in your life?
  • Wanna let go of the (self)judgement we experience in our various communites?

Please join this coaching group for women, non-binary and trans* people. Straight or queer, all are welcome. I respect your pronouns, family and relationship concepts, and I provide a space where you can be yourself and don’t need to justify who you are.

Let’s get together twice a month to

  • practice deliberate creation with the principles of law of attraction
  • re-charge yourself & get inpspired
  • get coaching when you feel stuck or want an extra boost of energy
  • connect with others who care as much about social justice & environment as you do

What happens in this group?

  • We get together twice a month in a virtual setting. That means you can join from your computer or by calling a local phone number.
  • I offer you input and we will do exercises together, to practice tools for deliberate creation and to re-charge & connect with our inner strenght.
  • Coaching
    Each meeting there is time dedicated to coaching. You get to bring in your topic and get coached by me, while the others quietly listen in. And you get to listen to others getting coached.
English Speaking Group - spots available!

get insprired

set intentions

gain clarity, when you feel stuck

let go of things that hold you back

surround yourself with awesome people

no prepwork

no homework

just be present and re-charge

We are currently in a situation of a global pandemic and worldwide uprising against racism and police violence. I created the group info back in 2019, and would probably emphazise things a bit differently, if I wrote it again now. Yet the group format is really fitting to what is going on. So if you are looking for a way to re-charge and connect during these times please get in touch. I am starting a new group for english speakers.

Your group facilitor and coach:

Joy Zalzala-Soyka - Relationship & Career Coach. Queer Migrant Mom.

I am a relationship & career coach with great love and respect for misfits and rule breakers, who expect the best for themselves and the world.

I offer you tools, perspective and space to let go of habits, emotions & limiting beliefs, that no longer serve you, so that you can evolve as a whole person.

I have 8+ years of counseling and management experience in organizations focused on helping women, who have experienced sexual and domestic violence as well as organizations serving people from lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* communities.
As a law of attraction coach I offer individual coaching by phone/skype & online courses in English and German.

More about this group:

  • this is an ongoing coaching group, on a membership basis
  • you commit to three months in the beginning and then you can continue on a monthly basis
  • we meet live in a virtual setting – participate on the computer or from your phone
  • our group session last apprx. 90 minutes.
  • no facebook group, just emails
  • there is a group for german speakers and one for english speakers.
    Meeting times for the German speaking group are currently:
  • First Wednesday of the month
    19 Uhr Berlin (UCT+1)
  • Third Sunday of the month at
    10 Uhr Berlin (UCT+1)

Meeting times for the English speaking group are currently:

  • Second Wednesday of the month at 2pm EST (New York), 11am PST (San Francisco), 7pm/19:00 London, 8pm/20:00 Berlin.
  • Forth Sunday of the month at 1pm EST (New York), 10am PST (San Francisco), 6pm/18:00 London, 7pm/19:00 Berlin.

Let’s face it. You won’t make it to every single meeting. And that is ok.
While there is no extra work you need to do in between meetings, I keep you in the loop about what the input and insights we have during the group sessions.

If you are looking at these times and think, oh my I really really want to be part of this but I really won’t be able to get off work/ find childcare during these times – write to me. Let’s think of a solution together, which might involve me offering additional times soon : )

The group session are a time to re-charge & get inpsired.

No prepwork, no homework, no way to fall behind any material.
This is intentionally not a course.

It is a time to take for yourself while surrounding yourself with amazing & supportive people.

We meet two times a month, once on a wednesday and once on a sunday.

During each meeting there is a time dedicated to coaching. You get to bring in your topic and get coached by me, while the others quietly listen in.

You will not get coached every single meeting, depending on the topics there is usually room for 1-3 people getting coaching.

When you experience how other members of the group let go of something that had them stuck, shift their perspecives and connect to their inner strenght, clarity and inspiration – it has a very empowering effect on you as well.

When you bring in your topic, you will be coached by me only. The others will not give you feedback on your topic unless that is exactly what you ask for.

Some of you will want to get coached more often, some of you will rather listen in and email me questions and topics for me to incorporate in the the input and excercise part of our sessions.

This is a group for women, trans* and non-binary people.
It is a group for people who want to practice deliberate creation as people who care about social & environmental justice.

Straight or queer, all are welcome. I respect your pronouns, family and relationship concepts, and I provide a space where you can be yourself and don’t need to justify who you are.

I like things personal, so the group sizes are between 3 and 12 people.

There can be a lot of self-judgement about how we show up in the world. And frankly there is a lot of judgement in our chosen communities.

This coaching group is for you to re-charge and get inspired, and to be in a supportive environment with people who care about social and environmental justice.

I want you to be comfortable to bring in the topics that matter to you.
You don’t need to identify as an activist. You get to be your complex self.

You are truly excited about joining the coaching group on activism and law of attraction, yet don’t have the funds?
I have been there! And I am happy to offer scholarship fund so you can participate.

Please get in touch with me for the details:

There are currently 2 spots available.


If you want to contibute to the scholarship fund, you can do so by sending your chosen amout via PayPal to
Please specify “scholarship fund”
Thank You!

What is the membership price? How do I join?


74€ $85 per month

3 Months

222€ $255

Membership is 74€ // $ 85 per month – that is the same as 222 € // $ 255 for three months.

In the beginning you to make a commitement of three months, after that you can continue your membership on a monthly basis.

If you want to be part of the coaching group, please fill out the form below. I will send you an invitation to schedule a 20 min. phone call:

  • get to know me
  • ask any questions you have about the coaching group
  • let me know if you have any specific wishes to make this a great group experience for you

Afterwards you will get the group agreements and payment infos.