Ambition & Serenity

THRIVING AT WORK.5 week online course

Do you want

  • more time and less stress?
  • a better relationship with your colleagues?
  • to develop new perspectives?
  • the courage and competence to take on new tasks?

This course offers you

  • individual feedback and support
  • exercise materials
  • exchange with others participants
  • flexible timing

Ambition & Gelassenheit.


Du wünschst dir, 

  • mehr Zeit und weniger Stress?
  • ein besseres Verhältnis zu Kolleg_innen?
  • Mut und Kompetenz für neue Aufgaben?
  • neue Perspektiven zu entwickeln?

Dieser Kurs bietet dir

  • persönliches Feedback und Unterstützung
  • Übungsmaterialien
  • Austausch mit anderen Teilnehmer_innen
  • flexible Zeiteinteilung
Start: 1.März 2019 | 5 Wochen Online Kurs | 327 EUR

Dieser Kurs ist zweisprachig auf Englisch und Deutsch angelegt.
Die Übungen und Videos werden primär auf Englisch zur Verfügung gestellt, also du musst Englisch lesen und verstehen können.

Du selbst kannst jedoch alle Übungen auf Deutsch durchführen, mit mir auf auf Deutsch kommunizieren und individuelle Unterstützung auf Deutsch erhalten.

Do you want to be part of this? Maybe? Absolutely! Want to know more?
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More about this course:

The course is created to guide you in your own process about you and your worklife.
You can expect, that by the end of this course you have

  • more time and energy for the things that matter to you
  • a better relationship with colleagues and/or clients
  • the skills to pursue your ambitions with serenity
  • the ability to actively improve your work atmosphere
  • clarity on your next steps
  • It is not an automated course – it is rather a guided coaching process and I am your coach during these 5 weeks.
  • You will receive 1-2 lessons weekly over 5 weeks – a mix of text, audio and video.
  • You complete the exercises at your own pace and email me your answers, questions & insights.
  • There is a weekly call – this call will be recorded, and is available to you even if you can not make it live.
  • You recieve one  30min private coaching session with me.

The live course runs from November 1st – December 6th (5 weeks).

You will most benefit if you set aside:

  • 1 hour for the lessons and exercises (I send them out on Fridays, I recommend you complete them by Tuesday),
  • 10-20 minutes daily for practice,
  • 30 – 60 minutes a week to join the live call or listen to the recording. (I have Thursdays in mind – the time are not yet set, because I want to see the range of time zones we are in as a group)

That said, the course is self paced. If you skip a week and pick up later that is totally fine. You will get email support and homework feedback for another 6 weeks for after the official course time ends.

You can participate in the course during vacation!
Being able to recieve emails and occational access to good internet are all you need.

Chances are that you will be thinking about your work during your vacation anyways. The course will give you a format that will let you thrive. No need to ponder about conflicts and stress, during your time off. This course will offer you a format to recharge and return to work with new perspectives and excitement.

You can reach me by email and I will answer your questions by email and on the weekly calls.

You will receive a private 30 min. coaching session in week 3

You are welcome to join this course whether you work in Tech or Social Services, whether you teach science at university or do body healing work, whether you are a full time artist or have just started your first job. What unites my clients is that they are passionate & ambitious, they care about themselves and others – and they are willing to take on new perspectives that let them grow.

The course does not give you pre-cut solutions, it’s your own process, that you can apply wherever you currently are job wise.

As a coach I specialize in working with women and trans*, with people from LGBTI communities – with migrants and people in multicultural relationships and work settings.

All course materials will be provided in English.
You need to be able to read and understand English (as you are reading this I guess you do!).

If German is your preferred language you are welcome to conduct all exercises and communication with me me in German. On the calls the main language will be English. If you prefer to speak in German, I am happy to translate for you.

I want you to feel great about investing in yourself with this course.
The materials and support provided in this course are extremely useful.
Yet promising you certain results would really not honor each person’s individual process.
If you are reading this far, there must be something that really excites you about thriving at work, and I believe I can help you with that. So go ahead and join this 5 week course. If you notice after 3 weeks that it’s not the right thing for you at this time, you get your money back, no questions asked.

21 day money back guarantee – no questions asked

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Next Course starts November 1st 2019.
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If for any reason this course is not right for you – you recieve a full refund in the first 3 weeks of the course.

…and if this course is right for you, you will walk away with more engergy, better relationships and a clear knowing of your next step!