Online Relationship & Couples Coaching for people from LGBTQIA+ Communities

For romantic partners, for lifelong friends, for rainbow families, for you.

Relationships are…
… about growth
… complicated
… awesome
… connected
… constantly evolving

Whereever you may be in your relationship with each other, if you want to improve things – you can. I am here to support you.

Common topics are:

  • communication
  • trust and insecurity
  • navigating change & crisis
  • starting a rainbow family
  • Intimacy
  • arguments

Most couples that come to me are either in a lesbian relationship or one of the partners is non-binary or trans*. Many are in a biracial or multicultural relationship.

I am here to offer you a space to be who you are without judegent. To explore your relationship with each other and recieve the support you need.

I am a queer relationship coach, with a background in supporting people who have experienced intimate violence and structural violence. I know that relationships can be intense and limiting – and I know they can be amazing, happy & full of magic. It takes intention and effort to be in a long lasting thriving relationship. And it is so worth it.

You can learn the skills and build the connection to make it happen!
I would be happy to support you in this journey.

You may have a lot of questions on your mind right now:

  • Aren’t they too young to know this?
  • How do I show my child that I support them?
  • What does non-binary even mean?
  • Will they get bullied in school?
  • Do they need therapy?

Take a deep breath and know that you are not alone in this.

I offer coaching support by Phone and Video Call on Zoom confidential & non-judgemental

Romantic Partners

Lifelong Friends

Rainbow Families

First Session - 60min for 70€Free Email Series on Relationships
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Online Relationship & Couples Coaching for people from LGBTQIA+ Communities

First Session - 60min for 70€

Initial consultation is at an exclusive rate of just 30€ – I want you to get the support you need for yourself and your family.
We will meet on the Phone or do a video call on Zoom.

Ongoing Support: My regular coaching rates are 110€ per hour for a 60 min. session.

If you want more intensive support during the first 6 months of your childs coming out, contact me for a package price at a highly reduced rate.

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