Things are currently changing. All of the sudden more people are talking about the things that we wished for others to acknowledge for years. There are so many things being addressed right now, that I didn’t think were possible to be spoken about by a general population just 15 years ago, well maybe even just 3 weeks ago. This is an intense progress – people are seeing it. People are talking about it. You no longer feel crazy for knowing it, for talking about it, for believing it and for having organized for social justice for decades.

People are talking about all kinds of aspects of it.

Police violence


Police initiating riots and blaming the protestors


Trans* realities

There are so many things being addressed right now. People are stepping up, shifting expectations, demanding change NOW.

Things seem to be shifting and to get better – yet it for so many of us it absolutely doesn’t feel better at all. It can feel incredibly draining and triggering for people who have experienced systematic injustice their whole lives. Where has everyone else been for decades?

Social justice movements and activism haven’t just started two weeks ago, yet there is a huge lack of guidance in Law of Attraction teachings and leadership on how activism around collective liberation and LOA work go together. They do. And this is what I wish more people would be stepping up to articulate for all of us to understand.

We all need visionary activism. This is a collective moment. We need to acknowledge systemic oppression and use activism as a fuel for focus and visionary change.

The change I am noticing is that people no longer feel ok with being silent, people are willing to learn more about privileges, people start to put their comfort zone at risk, even if they are not directly affected by oppression and discrimination, because it feels better than leaving things up to love and light.

There are many different roles to take in activism, and as a person who coaches from a law of attraction perspective of course I always encourage people to take on a role that lets you remain strong. This can change over time, and is not linear in any way. Sometimes it feels great and powerful and meaningful to be very close to the violence and make a difference there – sometimes it feels hard and draining and horrible. Sometimes taking a more distant role feels unconnected or unimportant, sometimes it feels very powerful, sustainable and creating lasting change. There is no right or wrong here. It is about being kind and loving to yourself and your communities.


Last year I started a coaching group on law of attraction and activism. It is coaching group for women, non-binary and trans* people to re-charge yourself & get inspired to practice deliberate creation in your activism.

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