oh, it looks like you canceled right in the middle of joining the online course!

you know what's best for you,

so if you cancelled because you don't want to join, then simply enjoy the cat pic below, and get back in touch with me, when you are ready.

If you cancelled the paypal transaction, but actually want to take part in the course, don't look at the cat pic below, but rather email me - there are more ways to pay than paypal.

This is Beta – my brothers office cat.
My brothers company (shaking earth digital) provides mobile app solutions – mostly in virtual reality.
My brothers ideal work setting includes, awesome employees at the office (he is not a virtual meet up kind of guy), great equipment – and Beta the cat.

What is your ideal work setting?
You don’t have to join the course to make it happen – yet if you don’t think your ideal setting can become your reality – then please get back in touch.