Coaching for LGBTI

I am a life coach and a multicultural, lesbian mom with great love and respect for our various queer communities. I offer coaching to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex individuals & their loved ones worldwide.

You deserve an awesome coach!

I offer the first coaching session for free to LGBTI clients.

There is no catch, there is no obligation.
When you use my online booking, in step 2 you can click on “code” and type in GORGEOUS. And the introductory session will be free of charge.

Why do I offer this?

  1. Because I have been there. I know it can take a moment to know, if you can trust a new coach. Most people from LGBTI communities have at least once experienced discrimination of some sort when seeking out help from others. So understandably most are hesitant to opening up to a new coach right away.
    I want you to feel great about investing your money to hire a coach. Whether that is me or someone else. I offer you the introductory session for free to make that first step just a bit easier. It gives you a chance to get to know me and my coaching style. If you are up for it, I already coach you on your topic and you walk away with concrete next steps.
  2. I love our various LGBTI communities – and the people who shape them. I have experiences tremendous growth, love and support in queer communities (and yes drama, there is lot’s of drama too!). I think coaching is awesome and know that one coaching session alone can have a great impact on someones life. If you have a friend that could benefit from coaching, let them know about this offer. And of course I encourage you to be your own best friend, too ; )

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From the blog:

Professional background:

I have always been a professional lesbian : ) For many years I have worked in LGBTI specific NGO’s on diverse topics, including:

  • Violence in interpersonal relationships
  • Trainings for people working in the public & social service sectors, regarding diversity and lgbt needs.
  • Intersectional expierences regarding sexual orientation, race, clas, gender and disability.
  • Counseling and accountability for perpetrators of violence in lesbian and lesbian trans relationships.
  • Support for people in women’s prisons.
  • Community outreach, talking with migrant community organisations about the needs of queer migrants & addressing racism in white LGBTI communities.
  • Workshops on how to support someone who has expierenced violence and discrimination.
  • Finding a good therapist
  • Inclusion of trans*people in spaces and services for women.
  • Rainbow families
  • Mediations with employers, clinics, polititians regarding LGBTI discrimination.

I have moderated conferences, designed programs, mediated talks, offered workshops, held speaches, and provided support in individual and group settings. My passion & expertise reflect in my coachings.

Many of my coaching clients don’t come with lgbti specific topics. They are looking for a place where they can truly be themselves and get support without meeting a bunch of false assumptions, without being judged, without being asked about things that are not currently relevant to them.

I am here to support you, no matter what topic you bring to the session.
You will recieve the tools and support so you can let go and evolve.

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I offer coaching & trainings for business owners and coaches, who work with people from LGBTI communities. Contact me for more information.