I coach people who want to be themselves and follow unconventional paths. People who like being successful with their work & want meaningful relationships. People who are creative and passionate.

It's time!

  • Do you want to live life in a way that is true to who you are, even it that means to follow an unconventional path?
  • Do you want the courage to let go of other peoples expectations?
  • You are successful at your job, yet your love life could use an upgrade?
  • You love your parents, as long as you don’t talk to them?

It’s time to let go & evolve.
I offer individual coaching sessions by Skype or Telephone. How? How long? How much? All the answers are here.

You don’t need to be fixed, you are not broken.
Are there things in your life that don’t serve you anymore? I am sure. You can let them go.

Letting go can be so liberating.
Letting go can be so scary.
Letting go might mean you will cry for days.
Letting go might mean that you are bubbling up with creative energy.

It’s ok. None of the above scenarios are better or worse. Because any negative feelings assosiated with letting go, will pass.
Holding on is what causes trouble.

As a coach I support you in letting go and keeping perspective.
Let go of the things that don’t serve you. It opens up space to reconnect with your true self. Let go and evolve in unforeseen ways.

I am here to fully support you along the way.
Contact me for an introductory session.

You don’t need to work hard, make compromises or suffer to get what you want – I am here to offer you tools and techniques, so you can achieve your goals & wishes with ease.

Yet, I don’t believe in quick fixes.

I invite you to take your time, explore new paths, fail at some & let go of things along the way. I invite you to truly evolve as a whole person.

I encourage you to stay focused on what you want, with a playful openness to new possibilites. I’m here to remind you that things are unfolding in your favor even if it does not seem like that in every second of the process.

There is no goal we achieve and then we stop wishing for something else. As you grow, new ideas and desires come up. You are supposed to want more. We constantly evolve.

I am here to fully support you on the way,

Contact me for an introductory session.

Coaching for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex individuals & their loved ones.

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First Session

  • 120 min
  • First Session / Intensive

Monthly Coaching

  • 75 min 3x/month
  • + Inner Journey Session


Your first session is an intensive 120 minute session (250€), where we dive deep and explore what is at the heart of your topic. You gain the clarity and courage to continue with your next steps.

Monthly Coaching Engagement:
We meet for 3 sessions per month (last week off) and you get unlimited email support inbetween session. The sessions last 75 minutes and we do one Inner Journey Intensive Session (180min) in the second month.
500€ per month, 3 months minimum engagement.

Hourly Sessions
Individual Sessions are 60 minutes long and are booked individually at 110€/per session. This option is available to people who have already worked with me for a while.

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I integrate the option to pay with PayPal or Credit Card on my online booking calendar and when I send out invoices.

My PayPal email is

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What can you expect from working with me?

You can expect profound changes in your life!
Here are some concrete wishes that have come true for my clients:

  • my client got the job she wanted
  • my client let go of a toxic relationship
  • my client moved and started her own company
  • my client was able to come out to their mother and doesn’t dread family holidays anymore
  • my client found love, and is now traveling with their partner

But coaching is not just about making things happen in your life – it is about improving your relationship with yourself. I provide a space for you, where you can tap into your own inner guidance, a space where you are supported to believe in your goals and where you can gain the clarity and courage for your next steps. You can’t really put a concrete label on this kind of impact that coaching has on a person. Luckily I don’t have to, because I have the best clients in the world.
And they write me emails : )
So here you can hear in their own words about the impact of coaching, about what it means to feel more connected to yourself and feel guidance and confidence in your thinking and actions.

“Joy, I don’t know how you do it. The way you guided me through our last coaching session was incredible – I was able to learn things about myself that I didn’t know were there. It gives me hope. I tend to overthink things, yet you guide me towards my emotions. Over the past week I have been practicing to choose how I feel, to recognize my emotions and to acknowledge them. I have never done this before. It is quite powerful. Thank you!”

“Dear Joy,
thank you so much! I had such a great weekend celebrating. I felt so good and happy and another wish came true: my partner and my friends were happily hanging out together, chatting and celebrating with me! YAY!
Thank you so much! I feel so much of these dreams coming true was made possible through the work with you and that you deserve some immense credit! thank you SO much for working with me trough the last months! Especially mapping the next months last monday has totally shiftet my feeling towards myself and took so much weight of me. My mum also sends you the best wishes and thanks you too :)”

“You and your support always accompany me. When I look back on the last year, it seems like no one has had such a lasting and touching effect on me like you. I thank you for that.

I realize how things I have learned from you flow into my every day thoughts and actions, not only that they show up as guiding thoughts, I notice how contradictions disappear, how I consciously multiply good things in my life rather than combating negative ones, I am able to be good to myself and accept life in its depth.

I feel like i am still in the beginning of a great process, and at the same time finding a truth that has always been part of me. I feel my life has taken a great turn towards being good. While I was still skeptical and anxious about the future in the beginning of the year, I am now confident and content.”

“I recently had the realization, that life is not a battle… yet that’s what it felt like for such a long time, and defined my thinking and way of approaching things. Now I can look at life in a more playful way. I long for ease and realize that it is easy to reach with an attitude of appreciation.
I still keep on slipping into a mode of lack and deficiency. It helps me to ask myself “is there any benefit for me to think this way, does it benefit others?” I feel like the exercises you gave me in our last session strengthen me in such a way that I won’t even let me slip into that lacking-mode again. I am truly grateful for that.”

“I would like to thank you for the work coaching session. My boss, my colleagues and the atmosphere at work remain exhausting and challenging, yet I realized that I am now really good at staying separated from that and I am remaining grounded in my own self. I now enjoy my work so much more again!
I also gained clarity about what I actually want from my job there. I am confident that I will make a lot of beneficial experiences throughout the next year.”

“I have tried to get support in different places. Yet, the approaches that most counsellors offer me, are nothing new for me and doesn’t seem to help me at all. Yet during the introductory session you offered me, I gained new thoughts and it somehow inspired me to think about my situation in a new way. So I would like to continue coaching with you. Preferably once a week, if you are available.”

“Thank you again for our coaching session around having kids. I remain very touched by it. I dared to talk to my friends about my plans and everyone was very supportive and happy for me”.

“Starting my coaching with you, was my best decision of the year.”

“I am grateful for the tools and experiences that I am gifted with through our work together”

“Dear Joy,
A little miracle happened yesterday! I had a sore throat all day. Before I left the house in the evening, I listened to the first five minutes of your audio, about dropping sentences like ‘I have to’ and ‘I should’ and something shifted in my mind – I felt again what I WANT to do and the sore throat was magically gone!”

“Yesterday I was simply grateful for what I am experiencing through your coaching. I experience things that I can literally draw back to a specific session with you and say: yes, this was the moment things shifted”