The Little Awesome Workbook

Make happiness a habbit!

There are simple things we can do every day, that make our life more awesome and help us make happiness a habit. The beautiful chaos of living with two small kids, has let me to really prioritize easy to use tools. In this workbook I offer you five exercises that based on key law of attraction principles, and are really powerful tools. They are fun and easy to use. Try them out. Pick what you like. Do it again.

To make it super easy for you to implement these tools in your everyday life, it comes with worksheets, that you can simply print out at home.

Includes print-out templates for exercises on:

  • Daily Priorities
  • Wishes & Goals
  • Setting intentions for the Day
  • Evidence & Success Log
  • Focus on Gratitude



I created this workbook with my wife, Joanna Soyka. We are a couple, that loves learning, growing and brining awesomeness into our life as a family. These are literally the tools that have helped us to be an out and proud queer family, traveling the world. While I as a Life Coach, constantly teach the concepts behind these exercises to my clients, Joanna turned these tools into simple, inspiring worksheets for an easy everyday use.