If you think finding a job is hard, how about letting the job offers come to you?
Well, that’s how I prefer it, and that’s how many of my clients get to experience it. Today I offer you two examples from my coaching practice, to show you it’s possible in many forms.

My client Sami was fed up with job applications: “I wish I didn’t have to do anything, and a job would show up for me!” she said.
“Do you think it’s possible for that to happen?” I ask.
She hesitates for a moment and then says “Maybe. Sometimes these things happen.”
“I believe so too. You have to believe in yourself and your qualities so it can happen to you.”
Her homework that day was to market herself to herself : ) That is to really notice what she is good at and enjoys doing and to really acknowledge that she deserves to have a great job.
Two sessions later, she is talking about how she spontaneously became a moderator for a new business project, with the possibility of further engagements.
Yes, this is how it works. In the end she didn’t work for them again. Yet experiencing that things can happen so easily for her, was just awesome.

Another client, Maria, was unhappy at her current job. She felt like no one appreciated her skills, she worked as a contractor so her position was insecure, communication with co-workers was off. Maria wanted to start her own business, but was not at the point where she felt ready to do so.
Now, it is very beneficial for yourself and your wishes to shift your focus from the things that you don’t want and start noticing what you appreciate or what is going right in your life.
Maria was able to apply this to her job situation. While she was mentally preparing to leave the job in the next half a year, she also started to focus on the aspects of the job she liked.
Things started to change. She became responsible for a product line she was really excited about. She was assigned tasks that beautifully enhanced skills she wanted to have as an entrepreneur. Tensions with a co-worker resolved themselves. All this made her work situation much easier, yet she still wanted a change. Her main desires about work were to receive more appreciation and to earn more money.

When a friend from out of town came to visit with his wife, the wife immediately recognized Maria’s great skills. She encouraged Maria to start working at the company she works for. Great pay and a secure job. Maria was astonished! Here someone really appreciated her and offered her a job at great pay. Maria was also not opposed to moving cities. Yet the field of work was not quite what excited her. A fearful voice in her head told her: An opportunity like this will never come again! Yet, in the coaching Maria was able to address this fear and discover that integrity and excitement for the field she works in are as important to her as appreciation and pay.
Then she received another job offer, from a competing company of her current job! Great work, great people in the company, great values, and good pay. They explicitly wanted her for the job and were willing to support her in the setup of her own side business. There was a downside though. More hours and less flexibility. Maria was not sure what to do. By that time, with the changes at her current job, she felt better and better there, the job security of the other position was really appealing though.
In the spirit of change, growth, and great people, Maria accepted the new job offer. When she told her current team, they were shocked. Her boss had a meeting with her right away and offered her a secure position in her desired field. The appreciation for her work and communication skills of her boss were unprecedented.
Now let’s take a step back. Maria had wanted a change in her work situation, but was never actually looking for a job as she wanted to open up her own online business in the future. Maria has done immense personal growth in the past months. Self-appreciation, doing things she loves, claiming respect and happiness for herself – all this was the basis of the current situation, where by now 3 companies wanted her to work for them.
In the end, Maria started “a new job” at her old company. It’s new because it is filled with fresh intentions, communication, confidence, and security.

These stories are a great reminder to stay focused on how you want to feel. Don’t be attached on how that can happen, because life surprises us every day.
It’s also a great reminder not to jump on the first opportunity, if it’s not fully what we want. Sometimes the relief can be great, but if you feel there is an even better way out there, the way will find you.

And on a personal note:
Every job I have ever had was offered to me. This started in school, when a teacher asked me, if wanted to tutor a younger student of his. I have since then been offered or recommended for jobs by friends or people I have just met. Sure, I have applied for jobs, but those are not the ones I ended up working at. I have been rejected for positions I applied for, only to be recommended for a job somewhere else. I have often received jobs, where I did not meet the official requirements. And two job positions were created especially for me. I appreciate all the places I have worked at and the work I have done.

If you aspire a shift in your work life, if you are ready to let go of limiting beliefs, yet don’t want to figure these things out on your own, then join me in my online course AMBITION & SERENITY.