I am worthy. Three simple words that are hard for many of us to say and feel.

If you have experienced structural violence or discrimination in your life, chances are that it has had effect on your self worth. You might feel that no matter how much you do – it is never quite enough, that you are not deserving of having nice things, of being truly happy, of pursuing the things you want to do, that you are not deserving for things to be easy for you.

So let me remind you: You are worthy.

An excercise that I like giving my clients as homework is writing down a whole page of “I am worthy”. (I learned this from my mentor Jeannette Maw)
First you write down “I am worthy” on each line of a page. Then you go through the page again and complete the sentences – write down what you are worthy of having, feeling, doing ect.

In our Law of Attraction and Activism Group someone shared her statements with the group. It gave me goosebumps hearing her read it out loud, as there is so much truth and power in them. I just had to ask her to make a recording of it for everyone to hear.
So here you go – enjoy this recording of “I am worthy” – listen to it on repeat, feel free to copy from the recording what resonates with you, write your own list and let it sink in

Joy Zalzala-Soyka – I am a Law of Attraction coach and a multicultural, lesbian mom. I work across Europe and North America, offering you personal sessions over the phone, and books & articles here on www.evolve.how.

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