There is a diving platform in the Rhine river. It is three meters above the water.
I haven’t made a jump this high in probably 20 years. My goal for this summer is to jump off this diving plattform and dive into the clear river.

I am currently challenging myself on a physical level to do things that I want to do, to get out of my comfort zones and to get over my fears.

For example, I started to go into the river and lake waters even though its cold, because I really love swimming. I started swimming across the seaweeds even though that used to creep me out.
When my kid asks me to play tag, I used to just say no, cause I my mind tells me thats exhausting, but now I challenge myself to join in once a day and run around for the pure fun of it.

I like being brave. I like excitement.

Last year we gave up our home to travel the world as a rainbow family. Those were big steps. Our trip was definitely exciting, it let me be brave and expand my comfort zones in many ways. I am happy that right now for this summer the excitement and expansion lay in little steps that still create very defining moments.

Tackling these real yet not highly charged situations helps me to connect with my body and self. On a deeper level it helps me navigate my ever changing and unstable life as a mom, as a queer person, as an entrepreneur. It let’s me challenge myself on a level that I have control over and results in me feeling good and connected to myself. For me that’s the foundation I need to have trust in the things that are outside of my control. Trust that things are unfolding in way that is good for me and others.

The other day I climbed up the diving platform just to have a look. And even though I wasn’t ready to make the jump yet, I felt that it is possible. Step by step I am (re)claiming my identity of being phyiscal strong and brave, doing the things that I enjoy doing.

What is something that you would really enjoy doing, yet you hold back because of a fear or being stuck in a comfort zone?

What are the small steps that you could take this week to make yourself feel good and connected with yourself?
You might be surprised how much these small and seemingly unrelated steps can influence your trust in resolving some big and scary issues that might be present in your life,