I love movement in any sense:

I love moving homes. As a child we moved X many times, not just into another town, we moved across continents. Some consider it instability, I consider it the an amazing expansion of home. Now I can feel home somewhere in an instant, just give me a few days and claim the new location as mine. Moving certainly broadened my perspective on life.

I love movements for social justice. They light me up! The people I got to know through activism are some of the most inspiring people I have ever met. In my coaching, I want to know what moves you: What moves you about human interactions, our environment, politics, animals? What current injustice, what acts of love & compassion are you passionate about?

I love movement of thoughts. Constantly learning new things, delighting in new ideas, letting go of thoughts that no longer serve us, moving our ideas forward.
I love the movement a new thought creates, when it really inspires you. When you feel the excitement moving through your body and the space around you.

I love movement of emotions. Resisting your feeling creates stuckness, yet when you allow your emotions to be present for the moment, they flow. Emotions love to move, and they will easily transform into a new emotion if you let them.

I love the movement of bodies. I can spend hours watching dance shows. I can spend hours outside with my family, on our feet walking, on our long-boards skating, on our bikes singing. I love watching my child climbing and I dare to rediscover my own physical strengths.

I love movement of language. I love how words travel, through writing, through speech, through the transformations of meanings. I love exploring new forms of speaking that are more inclusive to all genders, to peoples beings, to ever expanding ideas.

We speak English, Polish and German in our home, and I love moving from one language to another. I love being able to choose the expressions or rhythms that suits my feelings best.

I love movement of life. Constantly expanding and growing. Laughing and crying, enjoying your own crazy path.

I love working with people who are looking for more movement in their life, who are willing to explore, to fail and to exceed.