Queer Coaching Group – Online – Dec ’21 till Feb ’22
A space for you to re-charge yourself and foster resilience, in community with others, who care about social justice, racial justice and our planet.

Our life experiences are complex. We experience the effects of collective trauma as much as we experience authenticity and insights to the world that are awesome and make our lives beautiful.

This winter we invite you to let go of the duality of struggle or thriving.
Our lives are messy, we all have a lot going on and often feel like we are not enough.

You don’t have to be perfect. We want to foster resilience in community and hopefully have fun while doing that.

This queer coaching group is designed for you to: 

  • Recharge yourself
  • Learn how to release stress from your body with somatic tools.
  • Connect to the part in you that knows what is best for you in these times and then actually implement that
  • Be creative and build visions for your future
  • Enjoy the community of other LGBTQIAP+ people from various countries

We meet virtually over Zoom every two weeks on Wednesdays during December, January and February.
We also have a private forum, away from social media, to connect and uplift each other. The forum is accessible on our private community web platform and mobile app for Android and iOs provided by Mighty Networks.

It is a space where you can be yourself and don’t need to justify who you are. We respect your complex identiy, your pronouns, family and relationship concepts.

This group is for all of you who identify as lesbian, gay, pansexual, bisexual, asexual and/or all of you who are non-binary, trans*, intersex – all of you from various queer communites, who care about social justice, racial justice and our planet.

3 months of support – 7 sessions

all for just 399€ // US$469 // GBP 339£


noun. The ups and downs of a pandemic.

The feeling of uncertainty, anxiety, and helplessness surveying news and information concerning Covid-19.

Your group facilitors and coaches:

Joy Zalzala-Soyka - Relationship & Career Coach. Queer Migrant Mom.

I am a relationship & worklife coach with great love and respect for misfits and rule breakers, who expect the best for themselves and the world.

I offer you tools, perspective and space to let go of habits, emotions & limiting beliefs, that no longer serve you, so that you can evolve as a whole person.

I have 8+ years of counseling and management experience in organizations focused on helping women, who have experienced sexual and domestic violence as well as NGO’s serving people from lesbian, gay, bisexual, non-binary and trans* communities.
I am a law of attraction coach and integrate somatic tools in my individual coachings by phone/zoom & online groups and courses in English and German.

More about this group:

  • me meet on Wednesdays, every second week
  • December 1st 2021 is the first session – February 23rd 2021 the last. (3 months – 7 meetings in total)
  • we meet live in a virtual setting – participate on the computer or from your phone, with video or without, however you feel most comfortable
  • our group sessions last apprx. 90 minutes

Meeting times will be announced soon.

We meet on every second Wednesday, starting December 1st 2021.

Let’s face it. You won’t make it to every single meeting. And that is ok.
We will keep you in the loop about the input and insights we have during the group sessions. We have a private forum to share and stay connected.

If you are looking at these times and think, oh my I really really want to be part of this but I really won’t be able to get off work/ find childcare during these times – write to me. Let’s think of a solution together, which might involve me offering additional times soon : )

The group sessions are a time to re-charge & get inpsired.

It is a time to take for yourself while surrounding yourself with amazing & supportive people.

We will share with you tools that you may want to practice and incorporate in your daily life. We will also have a private forum to stay connected ask questions and uplift each other.

We do recommend to set aside an hour inbeetween meetings to reflect, write and if you want to share about your own process.

Yet there is no ways to fall behind any material.
This is intentionally not a course.

The group size is between 7 and 12 people.

This is a group for people from various LGBTQIA+ communites with diverse experiences regarding racism, migration, disabilitly as well as circumstances regarding the pandemic.

I will meet with everyone who signs up for a short phone or zoom call before we meet as a group to ensure this is really is a queer space and a place where you will be respected with your pronouns and experiences.

If you want to join the coaching group, yet don’t have sufficient funds, we are happy to offer one partial and one full scholarship.

Look, we have been there, and we know there are various reasons why queer people at some point in their life don’t have the funds to spend on a group coaching like this. Covid Lockdown have also left many people temporarily unemployed.

We don’t need justifications, yet we do want to hear your motivation for participating.

Send us an email with a short paragraph on your motivation and please specify, if you would require a 50% or full scholarship to participate.
Deadline for scholarship applications is November 7th. hello@coaching.lgbt

If you on the other hand want to contibute to the scholarship fund, you can do so by sending your chosen amout via PayPal to sandstepcoaching@gmail.com
Please specify “scholarship fund – queer coaching group”
Thank You!

What is the membership price? How do I join?

Total for 3 Months

399€ US$369- GBP 339£

Group membership is just 399€ // US$369 // GBP 339£ for the entire 3 month, with 7 group sessions, plus private forum with extra resources.

Want to be part of this coaching group?

Awesome! We really look forward to meeting you.
Click on the button below and sign up on our online scheduler.

Just schedule a free 20 min. phone call with Joy.
You can get to know Joy as the main group facilitator ahead of time and let us know if you have any more questions or specific wishes to make this a great group experience for you.