“What do you look forward to most when you get to Thailand?”

My friend asked me this simple question today and I was startled. I realized that I actually have not thought of this for a while. Among all the packing, selling & preparing for the trip, I have neglected some of my favorite activities: setting intentions & being excited, about the things I look forward to.
So it’s time to reconnect with these feelings.

My intention for our first month in Thailand is

  • to enjoy the process
  • to really enjoy the beach, visit it daily, take in the vastness, the wide open space
  • to be present in my body, feel the sand with my bare feet, embrace the heat, sense the rain on my skin, nourish myself well with food and water
  • to wake up frequently for the sunrise, to take time to myself daily, to create space for my mind to be calm
  • to have fun with the kids, be present with them, roll around in sand and waves, get inspired by their energy
  • to be offline for several hours a day, to be present in the moment
  • to really enjoy having fewer things & to keep our spaces clean
  • to meet wonderful people, to be open and communicative
  • to trust, ourselves and other people.

For me, the beauty of setting intentions is to really connect with what you want and to open yourself up to possibilities.

Things often don’t go as planned, and I certainly have my share of rollercoaster emotions in the process of dissolving our household and leaving home. Setting intentions lets me remember that it is up to me how I react to outside circumstances (planned or not) and to choose how I want to feel.

And when I review the list above, I realize that I can already find these feelings now (without having left), if I look for them. As long as I leave out the environmental factors such as the beach, each of the above intentions is useful to me for our final week in Berlin.

It certainly get’s me excited and motivated for these last days before the trip.