Spiral Upward - an empowering perspective when you feel like you are running in circles

Transcript of the Video

You know how sometimes it feels like you are running in circles?

The same topic keeps on showing up again and you feel frustrated because you think you should know better.  You feel like you failed at applying all the insights you have had last time you have dealt with this topic: You ask why am I at this point again? I know better.
I know I should take time to myself
I know I should let go of the anger that keeps coming up
I know I should be able to say NO to things

Well, we have all been there and here is an image that can help to get a different perspective on the whole running-in-circles idea.
When a topic shows up and you actively deal with it in some way – the hope is that you move forward, right? So when it shows up in your life again it is easy to think, oh no, I am back where I started!
I am running in circles and not going anywhere. I am a failure, I am not applying anything I have learned, maybe I am just not meant to do this, I am not worthy, I am not …. STOP!

 That is not the spiral I am talking about.

The spiral I am talking about visualizes this:

When a topic shows up in your life again, that means that you actually made great progress and there is more to learn for you.
You are spiraling upward. 
So imagine there is a line. A line that represents the topic that keeps on showing up. Imagine that the line is going upward at an angle. Your spiral and the line have the same starting point, but when you reflect upon the topic, when you learn something from it, you start that upwards movement and you are moving away from the topic. You are moving away but it is not happening in a linear way. You move on, you integrate what you have learned, you grow, and through the spiral movement you will inevitably meet this topic again.
And that is not a bad thing, because that actually shows that you have made progress.
You are not actually at the same spot that you have started – you are further up here. This is a new perspective from which you are visiting with this topic. It may feel very familiar, but if you feel into it further, you will notice some nuances and differences. You will gain new insights and you have a stronger motivation to move forward.
And you do, you move upwards and your curve gets larger – and then the topic shows up in your life again. That doesn’t mean you are stagnating – it actually means you have come a long way. And whatever that topic is telling you, you will listen to from a new viewpoint.

You get to revisit the same topic a few times to learn something from it and truly evolve as a person. 
It will keep on showing up for you, until you are truly ready to move on. And then that line just stops or takes a turn and you keep on growing and learning and evolving as a person.

So if you are somewhere here on the spiral, please know that it can feel frustrating and hard at times. But you know what to do. You have the insights and the resources from last time, you can apply them. You can ask: what else is there in here for me to learn? You don’t need to judge yourself for being here, it is a natural part of the process.
You can move forward, acknowledge that you are in this process of growth and just trust that you are going to keep on evolving and spiraling upward.

I hope you really enjoy this way of looking at things.
My work is about finding new perspectives that are empowering for you in your journey.
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