IMAGINE you have a job that is meaningful & where you feel good about what you do. Add a good work environment, inspiring challenges and an appreciation of your talents and skills.

Does this sound great or unrealistic?

Now let’s add money into the mix.

Do you think that you need to sacrifice most of the above for a job that actually pays well? Should you take on jobs with low pay, because that seems like the only option to do work that feels good?

These questions have come up a lot in my coachings over the past few weeks. For a lot of people having a job that feels good and a job that pays well is a huge contradiction.

Maybe you believe meaningful work and good pay just don’t go together at all.

Maybe you know they do go together, just not for you, because____________
(insert any reasons, based on who you are, where you live, the things you have experienced, and the things you value,…).

You can guess that I don’t like to hang on to contradictions. For me the challenge in this setup is to find a perspective that makes sense to you. A perspective that helps you let go of limiting beliefs, so that you can grow in a way that is true to who you are.

There is no clear answer to what that could look like. I have had conversations with people, who decided to let go of the idea of corporate success – who now want pursue jobs that they felt much more connected to.

And I have had conversations with people, who decided that they can claim their space in a work setting they previously thought they would never fit into – and still be true to who they are.
What I can tell you is that there really a lot of great possibilities out there, to be true to yourself and live your own version of a successful work life.

get clarity on what you belief
challenge your own contradictions
focus on your values
…and enjoy some new perspectives

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